Home Maintenance Tips for the Single Woman

There are a lot of benefits to living as a single woman, but there are also some potential stumbling points. For many women, a big stumbling point is keeping up with the needed repairs and many maintenance duties that go along with owning a home. If you own your own home but don’t know how to fix the plumbing, repair a hole in the wall, or replace your own countertops, the following tips will help you get through the challenging moments of living alone and single.

Sometimes Big Jobs Look Small

There are times when a big job will appear to be a small job when you first look it over. Don’t get yourself into situations you cannot handle by underestimating the amount of work required for a project. You may want to do as much for yourself as possible to conserve money, but there are some projects that will simply be too costly in terms of time and expertise to handle on your own.

For example, you may notice that your deck has a loose board and decide to replace it yourself. This might be okay if it really is just one loose board and you know how to correctly put it back down without damaging other boards or creating a bigger problem.

Unfortunately, in most cases that loose board will be a sign of a larger problem. You might be better off calling in professional deck builders to ensure you are not missing a problem that is too big for you to fix alone. If you are ever uncertain, it is best to call in the pros and pay a bit of money to ensure the job is done correctly and larger problems are not neglected or overlooked.

Have Someone on Speed Dial

Every single woman needs a reliable handyman on speed dial. This is someone who can come in to fix a variety of small problems around the home without charging extremely high prices. You don’t necessarily want the cheapest person willing to give a helping hand. They are often cheap because they don’t know what they are doing and will cut corners that cost you more money later.

Look for someone who has a lot of experience fixing a variety of problems that occur normally in a household. They should be able to quickly unclog a sink or patch a hole in the wall without using questionable tactics. They don’t need to be certified plumbers or insured, since you will only be relying on them for minor repairs and maintenance calls for the general upkeep of your home.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something for yourself, then you always have this person on speed dial to give a helping hand. Develop a relationship with one handyman and he will become your backup whenever small things go wrong.

Continue Your Quest for Knowledge

You should be able to do more for yourself next year than you could competently do for yourself today. Consider yourself on a quest for knowledge. Rather than calling in the pros to handle a problem and stepping back, pay attention to what they do and what products they use. Ask a lot of questions about what you can do to maintain their work. It is always more affordable to upkeep your home than to fix your home.

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